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The Magic of Affirmations and How They Work

As I delved into the Real Estate world many years ago, I realized that there were many seminars offered to our industry. Motivational speakers to help grow your Real Estate business. There were financial planners to assist you when you made the big bucks, organizers to assist you, technology gurus to show you the latest and greatest, the list was endless. The first couple of years I saw wonderful motivational speakers like Zig Ziegler, Tony Robins and Barbara Bush. I wanted to learn the true secrets of success in the sales industry. I was also interested in what message these successful people were conveying. They all spoke about having a positive attitude in your body language and your speech. I started to hear about positive affirmations and visualizations. What were these and how do you visualize what you want?

How do you stay positive and upbeat all the time in this crazy world we live in?

I researched this new sales technique called affirmations. I studied many books to understand how this magic works. I learned that affirmations are short sentences that you say out loud, telling the Universe what you want. I realized that the words you say and how you say them is of the utmost importance.

This was not magic. The spoken word holds energy. This was not a new concept.

I began to understand that whatever you put out to the Universe is what you will receive back. It’s karma. If you speak positive words, you will receive a positive outcome. This is what the scriptures are trying to teach us. In ancient times.

If you speak negatively, the energy of your words will bounce back to you. It is verbal karma. The same goes for your actions or should I say your intention. The Universe gives you exactly what you ask for, so be careful what you say to people or about yourself.

Remember your words have POWER! They are full of energy. Do not say, “I will never be successful” or you won’t be. Self-defeating words are just that.

When I realized the power of the spoken word, I started to say things like, “I sell Real Estate immediately and constantly and I accept the abundance” or “money flows immediately and constantly to me and I accept the wealth.”

I began to say positive affirmations, in the car on my way to work. I figured out that you must say your affirmations in the present tense and ask for it NOW! Always believe in your heart and soul that you will receive what you are asking for.

You must know in your heart and soul that you will receive your request and be able to imagine the feeling you will have once your goal is achieved. This is key. You must believe it and feel it for your request to materialize.

I continued to say my affirmations. The more I said them, the better my business became. I would say my Real Estate affirmations at least 3-5 times daily. When I realized this was working, I created affirmations involving my personal life. For example: “my children are happy and successful. “Yes, you can say positive affirmations to help others if your intentions are pure and good. Your result will be as powerful as your intention is. In other words, how strong the energy of the intention is.

My daughters would tease me about speaking my goals out loud, but I didn’t care because it was working for me and paying our bills. Now don’t get me wrong, the Universe only brought me the business. It was up to me to take care of my customers and close the Real Estate deals myself. I am a professional and do the best job I possibly can for my clients. As my grandmother used to say to me, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” So, I treated every sale like it was my own home purchase or land sale, and I still do.

There are many wonderful books written about affirmations that you can use and focus upon. I make up my own affirmations. The subject depends on what is going on in my life at the time. I believe that is what you should try to do also.

The rules are simple in creating affirmations. Pretend you are rubbing a magic lamp and that you are asking a Genie for a wish.

Here are five simple steps to follow:

1. Tell the Universe what you want to receive out loud. (Put the energy out there.) Write down your affirmations so that you can remember them. I write my affirmations on 3 x 5 cards and stick them in my purse or briefcase when traveling. You should say your affirmations first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep. When you read them before you fall asleep your subconscious seems to absorb the information. Reading them out loud speeds up the energetic process of manifestation.

2. It is important to be specific with your affirmation. Choose your words wisely. Ask for it now! Always work in the present tense, like it’s already yours.

3. I make some of my affirmations rhyme. The rhyming fuels the intention with more power. When your affirmations rhyme you feel the meaning of the words more intensely and you can also remember the affirmations more easily and light heartedly. I have fun saying my affirmations when they rhyme. Here are a couple of my favorites:

“I am healthy, wealthy and wise, I have sparkling blue eyes”

“Everything is going my way; I have time to play”

“All my needs are met; I am thankful for what I get”

4. Repeat your affirmation out loud at least 3 times a day and mean it! Repeat daily until you receive your wish.

5. Always give thanks to our Creator after you say your affirmation. Be grateful.

With Gratitude,


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