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About Nancy Yearout | Arizona

About Nancy

Nancy Yearout is an author, psychic and the voice of "Nancy's Psychic View" Taking the High Road to Humanity Podcast and YouTube Channel. 

For many years Nancy Yearout has been the voice of the High Road to Humanity Podcast and Video Talk Show. Her podcast was launched in December 2018 by Toginet Internet Radio. Today Nancy Produces her Podcast and it is distributed by Lisbyn Podcasts.  Nancy's video presence is large and can be found on her Youtube channel, "Nancy's Psychic View," Taking the High Road to Humanity, and on

Nancy is the author of Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You, published in 2016 and is available for purchase. 

Her former career was as a successful Real Estate Broker and owner of her own real estate company practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 23 years. Previously she was the sales coordinator for GM North American Auto sales for Delphi GM in Warren, Michigan.

Today her passion is her work to uplift humanity. She uses her voice to speak about God, the Divine source, and to bring forth the truth to humanity.  She is a messenger of God.

Her many gifts include claircognizance,  clairvoyance,  energy healer, angel communicator, and empath. She aspires to bring more love to the planet with her gifts. She has two daughters and three grandchildren and makes her home in Arizona. 

Wake up!
The Universe is Speaking to You
By Nancy Yearout


Screen Shot 2023-08-19 at 3.07.45 PM.png

What if you were given the ability to change your life for the better” To create what you want for yourself? Most people are not aware that God has blessed us with that Energy to design the lives we desire. All you need to do is pay attention to what the Universe is showing you. Wake Up! You can tap into the Universal Energy to enhance your love life, your career, anything that you wish. This Energy was created for our use and it’s free! I was in my 30's when I recognized that the Universal Energy and how to us it to my benefit. I explain in this book that there is an entire realm of Energy here on earth for us to access. It is the Energy that God intended for us to use. I take you on my personal journey so that you may see, firsthand, how I acquired this knowledge. As a professional business woman and a single mother of two, I felt I had no choice but to pay attention to what the Universe was revealing to me. Intuitively, I understood and began absorbing these principles. Now I share with you what I have been blessed to learn. My wish is that discovering these Universal laws will change many lives for the better. The fact that you are holding this information in your hands means that you are meant to benefit from the Universal Energy. I am excited to share this information and wish you love and prosperity!

And may God bless you with His Energy. 

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