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The Power of Our Thoughts

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As I move forward in life I have come to understand the power of our thoughts create our reality. I am sharing with you what I have learned thus far in hopes that my words may be helpful to you. How do we think of yourself? Do you view yourself as a happy soul or angry and resentful? Resentment has been a difficult thought for me to release as may be for many of you. I have had to change my mindset to not be resentful but to be grateful for all of the experiences that have occurred in my life as they have shaped who I am today. Each time we experience a feeling that no longer serves us we have the choice to release it or hold on to it. When we feel the emotion of hurt, anger or resentment and let it pass through our body and are able to release it to the universe we are free. This release is what frees us to move forward to create a different thought process. As we change our awareness and gain a new perspective, our energy changes and in turn our circumstances change. Many of us hold on to things that people have said or done that have hurt us and have not let go of the resentment or the pure audacity of someone treating us unkindly, unfairly or being deceived or even lied to. However, we do have a choice to not hold onto these feelings of hurt and to release them. When we release the anger and hurt it frees us to bring in more positive thoughts good energy which in turn create a new more joyful reality. Our words and thoughts hold power and this energy creates our reality. I have talked about the power of the spoken word so often as our words have vibrations and go out into the Universe and the universe responds accordingly. We get exactly what we speak. I have not addressed our thoughts. This is a quote from Venice J Bloodworth "The subconscious mind does not think, reason, balance, judge or reject. It simply accepts all suggestions furnished by the conscious mind whether good or evil, constructive or destructive." If we accept an idea or thought as true, it is then carried to the subconscious mind to act on and is brought forth into visible expression as a part of pour physical condition and immediate surroundings. We must learn to control our thoughts. What ever we think we are we become. If you believe you are healthy, wealthy and wise you are. You are what you believe your are by the power of your thoughts and your words that you create. Learning to control our thoughts is not an easy tasks and I work on it daily. We all have one of those nagging thoughts that creep in from the past and we have to bring our selves back to the present moment and let that go. We can easily be triggered by a song or a picture that takes us back to an unpleasant time that we would like to forget but I have learned we have to change that thought to a positive on or maybe we change the outcome in order to bring peace and harmony to our soul. I am not suggesting we forget the past I am just saying that remaining in the present and creating joyful and prosperous thoughts will create a joyful prosperous future. Whatever you put out will be returned to you ten fold for this is Universal Law. Happy Thoughts! Love Nancy Yearout

Public Speaker

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