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Connect to the Source

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

So many of us struggle with challenges in life. Things happened unexpectedly and the stress alone can take a toll on your body, mind and soul. Often times we wonder how we are going to get through the hurdle that has been placed before us.

You will be happy to hear that the hurdles get lower the more often you connect to source. This powerful energy is what keeps us charged, healthy and balanced. You do not have to be religious or even spiritual to know that there is a loving energy of light that can be tapped into. Isn't it interesting that we are not taught immediately upon walking and talking to tap in to this energy source.

We are energetic beings in human form we need the light tan unconditional love to thrive, so if you are wondering why so many of us humans are searching for fulfillment. it's because we have lost our connection to God, to source, to the creator whatever you would like to name it . Money, food, things or sex will not fulfill anyone for long. The true treasure is within your heart and soul, it's your connection to the Divine Source. No human can provide the love that God can provide. It is that simple.

It only takes a couple seconds to plug in and to connect to the energy in the higher realms. We do receive messages when we are connected which is very cool or you can connect and enjoy being still. Others plug in and go on their way for the day feeling joyful, refreshed and balanced. My favorite thing is to connect in the morning and ask if their is any information that need to know today questions and listen for the answers.

Often I receive a message that I was not expecting but is helpful or inspiring. You don't have to meditate for hours to connect, just connect. It's the power of your intention and the reverence in how you connect to the light that is important. Remember what I am referring to is love energy, and love heals all. This is why it is so important to connect and establish a relationship with our creator.

Sending you love & Light


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