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Be Aware But Don't Be Scared, Connect

As humanity wakes up and becomes more aware of the truths before us it is not necessary to be fearful of the events taking place on our planet. It is more important to be aware of the event 's and to raise our vibration through connection. What I have learned from so many people that I have interviewed and through my own experience, is that connecting to Spirit, God, Source Energy what ever words you choose to use, is the key to peace. You become filled with the love vibration and your energy field is vibrationally balanced by this connection. As you practice connection to Spirit, God you become calmer and more aware of the what is occurring on the planet and witness the lower vibrational acts but are not affected by that energy. Connecting to the light and to the earth energies, Spirit Guides and Angels elevates you to a new level of consciousness. This new energy leaves us with a rational mind to make changes within ourselves to uplift the vibration of our own energies and to create the changes that are needed as we ascend to a new sate of consciousness.

My contribution is to guide people to connect to Spirit/God, the Earth Energies and to their own Guardian Angel. I have written A Guide to Angel Connection Using Spiritual Law coming out in December 2024. I have been speaking about the importance of connection at Spiritual Events the past few months and on my Podcast. I want to let everyone know the benefits of connecting.

Many of you have begun to see the signs being shown, Numbers are the first sign you will see. 1111 is the first sign you will see repeated as you become more aware of the truth. The numbers are confirmation that you are on the right path.

It is amazing how the use of numbers are signs used by the angelic realm to communicate with us. We are definitely not alone and we do have angelic guidance available to us if you choose to connect.

I am beginning Connection Classes on April 13th if you are interested. You can sign up on my website or visit me at my next work shop or speaking event. I am scheduled to me be in New England this Summer and in Manhattan, NY in October but will keep you posted on all Angel Connection Events coning up. I know connecting to our creator and to our earth which is shifting and changing will help us all to feel more joyful and loved as the world is changing.

Blessings to all.

Love Nancy

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