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This class is designed to assist you in connecting .......

There are three Sections to this course 
Each  section is a new connection, the tools to connect to your Guardian Angel, to Spirit/God and the Earth Energies.  

The benefits  of connecting are staying energetically balanced and feeling a state of joy with a  heightened sense of  awareness, comfort and love. This will help you  in your daily lives  establish a deeper connection to Spirt/God, Your Angel and to Nature. Connecting gives you the ability to receive guidance in your life.

Nancy In the City Of Angels Los Angeles
Talking about Angel Communication 

Class One 

We will be connecting to the earth energies and learning about them and connecting to Source energy and discussing the healing power of color and connecting with the frequency of color.

Class Two 

Class two is all about the spiritual laws of the universe and how they work along with the energy to create and connect. This is the foundation to stay balanced, centered and connected to the earth, Divine source and your Guardian Angel. 

Class Three  

The third class we will all learn to connect to our Guardian Angels, learn their name and their gender  and learn to receive their messages of comfort and love. 


Looking forward to connecting you with your Angels.

Love Nancy 

Angel Class Testimonials 

"Nancy's Angel Class not only educated me about angels but also opened my heart to a world of divine connection and transformation. Under her guidance, I felt embraced by the powerful presence of my Angel, Uriel, whose love and guidance have brought profound blessings into my life, especially in finances. This journey bestowed upon me a newfound sense of serenity and resilience. In moments of struggle, I've found strength and support by calling upon my celestial ally.Nancy's teaching style is informative and deeply inspiring, infused with her contagious passion for the angelic realm. Her class was a joyful exploration of spirituality and self-discovery. It's not just a class; it's a profound invitation to awaken your soul and invite miracles into your life.For those seeking spiritual growth and divine connection, I urge you to embark on this journey with Nancy."

Damon K.

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