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About Empaths

Empathy: the capacity to feel what another person is experiencing

Some say that empathic people are too nice or too kind, but as an empath, I believe you can never be too kind or feel too much emotion.

We are here to experience life and to feel even when it is difficult. The reward occurs when we have the ability and the choice to hold onto those loving feelings and release any hurt, resentment anger, or frustration that we may have held onto. Empaths pick up on other people's energy and are sensitive beings. Which is what the world needs now! That is why there are so many empaths on the planet at this time. 

What is an Empath | Nancy Yearout

What is an Empath

An Empath has a quiet knowing of what they are sensing is real. Sure pure energy that they are reading from another person or from a place on the earth for a room. Empaths pick up the energy imprint and can see the imprint in their mind's eye. That's how I first learned about my empathic abilities so I know this to be true. When you are empathic you are sensitive to other people's energy fields and can without even meaning to pick up on their thoughts and emotions and even who they were with recently.


This ability is a gift as well as a curse when you do not want to know but know. If there is a strong energy in the room it can take the breath of an empath away if not aware or protected. It is always the best practice to protect our energy fields from unwanted energies before we venture out into the world.  People like to attach themselves to empaths often not knowing why. It is their empathic energy that draws other souls to them without even trying. There are so many empaths on the planet right now to help raise the vibration of the collective. 

An empath's body is different than other people in that tempts absorb all energies whether negative or positive. We can actually be so attached to another person's energy that we can take on their illness. Have the same symptoms as their loved ones. 

Empaths are very sensitive to any type of medication and many have food allergies like gluten. Most empaths cannot handle loud noises such as a tea kettle whistling, it makes them nuts. Most empathic people do not like crowds as the energy of the road can be completely overwhelming to an empath. 

How Do You Know if Your an Empath

"Signs that your an empath"

You Pick up on other peoples emotions
You feel anxious in a crowd 
You need to help people
You have the ability to pick up on people's emotions
You take on others emotions as your own
Empaths will not enter a room with negative energy
An empathy know if another person is lying to them


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