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Hanging Out with God

Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly.

Matthew 11:30

Being mindful that God is present at all times and knowing that you can call on our loving father for comfort and wisdom has changed my life. I am sure many who are reading this have a close relationship with the divine source, but for those who do not let me tell you how life changing this relationship can be.

Many of us grow up in the church and go to Sunday School and Bible Study but never learn to have a conversation with God. Maybe we think of God as this deity that won't hear us or is too large for us, I'm not quite sure but, my experience is that when you establish a connection to the divine a calmness enters your soul. A love like no other love and the miracles that occur will blow you away!

You have a friend who loves you just as you are and shares wisdom with you when you asked.

There is a Divine Masculine and a Divine Feminine energy that is supporting their children no matter the circumstances. The native Americans refer to these loving entities as Mother God and Father God. Mother of the earth and Father of the sky. All I know is that if you can get in the habit of talking to God every day even if just for a few minutes over coffee the wisdom and love you receive will be so energizing that you begin to look forward to those talks. After a while those talks will continue throughout the day as you asked for divine guidance at work, at home or concern for a friend. All you have to do is asked and then listen. God hears us all and will show you the way if you asked for direction.

" Rejoice always, pray continually, give thinks in all circumstances" I Thessalonians 5: 16

God wants us to have a relationship with him and with Mother earth and we should honor them just as we honor our mother and father. Personally, I learn so much from God everyday as I meditate and listen to the messages i receive. My hope is that this message will inspire you to create a relationship with the divine source or to strengthen the one you have.


Nancy Yearout

Public Speaker

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