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How to Handle Angry People

There are many people in our lives strangers, friends and family who say and do things that are not always kind and loving. Many times we take what others say to us to heart and hold onto their unkind words or behavior and we become bitter too. You see when we are lied to and disrespected it can be felt in our hearts so deeply that it can change our own energy and lower your vibration if we allow it. This is why I am bringing this to your attention.

It has taken me many years as an empath to not take it personally when a co-worker, friend, stranger or a family member is nasty and bitter. It takes much strength and love of the self to not take on the anger and bitterness. of another person. May times I feel it is a cry for help when people act our in a negative manner, but what I have realized is that they are unhappy with themselves and unfortunately misery does love company. Why should you be happy and propserous when they are so miserable and feel unworthy?

The person who is acting out in an unkind manner is unhappy with themselves and often times insecure. This sense of insecurity comes from not knowing themselves and from not feeling love in their own heart. They are looking for someone else to blame for what is occuring in their own life. These are the folks who have to be right no matter what and will argue with you to the end!

You begin to realize that they are hurting on the inside which causes the lashing out, the unkind words and deeds. towards others. They feel the need to boast about who they are and what they have to feel good about themselves. The best way to handle this situation when it arises is to bless these people, send then love.

What they are missing is the love of God, Source Energy, the radiant ones light. When we connect back to source love energy we are rejuvenated and fulfilled. People look for other people to make them happy there whole lives or buy things to fill this void but the void is never filled. What they are missing is the love of the self and of the energy that created us in the first place. I can say that once I began taking a moment and connecting with the love energy that is available to us is when I became fulfilled, and yes people are still be rude and hurtful and say unkind words but now I realize that they are hurting on the inside and it had nothing to do with me. I don't take it personally or take on their energy. This is when you send them love and respond in a kind manner. When we send the love vibration to those who are angry and hurt their soul can feel the love and kindness you sent. This is not an easy task as there are many angry and unhappy souls on the planet but the way to combat them is to send them love and light.



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