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Messages From Archangel Gabriel

Channeled by Nancy Yearout Psychic Empath 

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Budapest, Hungary - Aerial view of Gabriel Archangel at Heroes' Square during the 2020 Cor

Channeled by
Nancy Yearout 12.17.2021

This is the beginning of new times, lighter times, easier time. After the dark comes the light. We are here to assist humanity in becoming lighter, kinder, nicer, sweeter, giving, loving and peaceful people. For this is how we will raise the vibration on the planet earth. Know that all of this is divinely planned. All play a part in the whole. Know who you are, get to know thyself inside and outside to become one whole being of light. 
Do not be afraid or mock those who come to assist the people of your planet, they come in peace and bring joy and love to the energetic field of light. Stop the judgement of one another, go forth with love in thy heart not anger, jealousy or hate. There must be disaster to invoke the necessity of connection. We can help each other and we may have not choice but to help each other. Within each soul is a drop of light, a part of God that is good. It is up to each individual to shine their light in the world. God bless. - Gabriel Angel of life

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Channeled  By Nancy Yearout 12.28.2021

Tell the people of the earth that kindness is the key to elevation for your planet. Life begins innocent and free. You must remain as such. Your life's health is dependent upon your happiness. Your state of mind carries much weight when it comes to your physical stability. 
Please be conscious of what I say as the vibration changes for each of you and different times. Feel blessed you are hearing theses words as you will have a new vision moving forward. Go forth and spread love. Gabriel Angel of the Light

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Angel Messages : Welcome

Channeled by Nancy Yearout 01.11.2022

Tell the people to not be afraid. the believers will be spared. Trust in God, a higher source of energy. Always love and never hate. People can be cruel but do not hate them. they are not aware. Many are lost

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Channeled by Nancy Yearout 01.13.2022

Dear Nancy go forth and tell the people of the love that God has for each one of the humans.  This is a time of great achievement on your planet. Those willing to step up and be with the one true God will triumph and become one with the Source. The Mighty I am. You will need to give and receive only loving thoughts and deeds to ascend to the next level of conciousness. Go forth and do just that, Love thy self and thy neighbor regardless of the words and actions toward others. Only love will solve the problems you encounter . Stay hopeful. Gabriel

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Channeled by Nancy Yearout 03.04.2022

Dear Nancy, Go Forth and explain to the people that these are ways to decrease and thin out the earth population. Do not be fooled by what you are being shown and told. It is quite the opposite.
There are many innocent lives at stake and people will perish if the world of compassionate peopled not stand up and stop the violence. This is the beginning of unsettled times. A war of all wars to achieve monetary gain with no value to the thousands of lives that will be lost over greed and power. Look to the sun as it will grow dark. Pray for the women, men and children, animals and all life on this planet will be effected by a few. Stay strong in knowing we are here helping. A host of Ange;s are here now to assist as the fighting goes on, Send good thoughts, good energy and love out and you will receive the good loving energy back. the vibration of love will help. Gabriel

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Angel Messages : Welcome

Channeled by Nancy Yearout 03.09.2022

I ask about the Ukrainian/Russian crisis at the present time. Here is the reply:
Dear Nancy,
What you are witnessing is a mere ruse, a false front of what is truly occurring in and around the world. Do not be fooled by what you see, rather go within yourself to understand the truth. Those who walk in the light of the Lord will not perish.
Be Strong, be smart, be faithful to the Divine Source as the people of this planet are greatly loved and have not been forgotten.
Love Gabriel

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Angel Messages : Welcome
Guardian Angel Light Being Watching Over You - pair of golden Angel Wings with a bright li

Channeled by Nancy Yearout4.01.2022

Tell the people of the planet earth to not fear what they are being shown. As not all of what you see is the truth. Revealing the actual picture will come down the road. For now, believe in love and know that you will learn from theses times. Grow and elevate your souls as compassion and kindness become part of your life. Love will encompass this entire planet as we change our vibrations to ascend to a higher frequency of Love! 

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Channeled by Nancy Yearout 4.8.2022

Tell the people of the planet to not fear the scenes that are broadcast to them as some of this is not truth. Only down the road will they see the real truth even as it has been in front of you for many years. Your time of love and light will happen on the earth plane as you evolve to a new vibration of love. Please do not fear these times, look forward to easier times, lighter times ,loving times on your planet. 

Angel Messages : Welcome
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