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Nancy Yearout

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High Road to Humanity Podcast 

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Nancy's Psychic View 
Takes the High Road to Humanity

Jes Kerzen joins me from the UK today to talk about Asher, an autistic young man who she connected with when he was just a small boy at the age of six. In her new book, " A Mind Beyond Words," She shares the story of their connection as Asher tells Jes that he has been looking for a woman to help him and that they had made an agreement on the other side before incarnating into this lifetime. Asher is now grow up and in his thirties and he and Jess still hold conversations by remote viewing, telepathy. Fascinating true story that will enlighten you about the gift of Autism.


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Letters From Archangel Gabriel
to Humanity

Budapest, Hungary - Aerial view of Gabriel Archangel at Heroes' Square during the 2020 Cor

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