I Use the Energy of My Voice to Uplift and Heal Humanity

Interview with Gene Decode

April 16, 2021



Nancy Yearout is the host of High Road to Humanity, a popular podcast where she uses her voice to uplift humanity!  Her YouTube show is, Nancy Yearout's High Road to Humanity. This is where she interviews experts in health, wellness, spirituality, astrology, physics, energy, healer’s palmistry, mediums, psychotherapists, Aztec Healers and more! 

 All of the guests have a story to tell, providing us with new information to help us in our own lives. Her weekly Podcast reveals amazing information to help you on your path in life. 

Nancy is a psychic empath. She uses her gifts through one-on-one readings and also shares her knowledge through classes and speaking engagements. Her goal is to assist you with your own intuitive gifts to stay on your high road. Link to my Podcast


Nancy Yearout is not only an exceptional writer, coach and radio host, but an exceptional person. It's apparent in all of her work that it's about helping others raise their consciousness and make the world a better place. She is the real deal!"
- Servet Hasan

Servet Hasan

"Nancy's Empathic ability is a true gift! Highly Recommended!"

Shelley Kaehr, The Past Life Lady

Fabulous reading with Nancy, Changed my life!

Frankie Bolder


Whatever you think about 24 hours a day is who you will become and what your circumstances will be...

Nancy Yearout




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