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High Road to Humanity was designed for the masses. For all people who would like to see a change in how we connect with each other. As a collective we have the ability to work together to achieve a kinder and more compassionate society and a better way of life. High Road to Humanity is my way of pulling us all together for the common good. 



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All Videos

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The Eleusinian Mysteries were the most prestigious initiation of the ancient world. Author, Elizabeth Ashley joins us from the U.K. to share her wisdom about the ritual secrets that were protected by death vows and have been speculated about for more than 4000 years in her new book "Meeting the Melissa". She tells us how this journey began looking for information on Melissae the Greek Priestesses that had served Demeter and to discover what their association was to the herb lemon balm. Elizabeth Ashley has almost 30 years of professional experience as a clinical aromatherapist and is the UK Director of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. She is the author of twenty Aromatherapy Manuels. She is also a practicing Bee shaman, Melissae Priestess and Beekeeper. The Secret Healer writes in her shed overlooking the Schropshire Countryside where she lives with her husband and youngest son. Please visit for access to Liz's books and work, including the chance to take part in the online launch parties for Meeting the Melissae -The Ancient Greek Bee Priestesses of Demeter or to join her Facebook group. Please Subscribe to my Channel Thank You for watching the show. For a Psychic Angel Reading visit Nancy's Website

Nancy Yearout's High Road to Humanity Podcast is featured on apple Podcasts and Spotify and Iheart radio and is produced by libsyn. Pshcic interviews from experts in their fielsd, mediums, angel communicators, heaven, God, I interview authors, spiriutal healers, scientists, palm readres, meditations experts, yoga experts, medumes, shaman, teachers, pscyhologist, therapists, empaths, I am an empath

Messages From Archangel Gabriel to Humanity

Nancy Yearout brings messages from angels. Nancy Yearout channels Archangel Gabriel, Angel messages for humanity, angel readings, psychic readingsMessages From Archangel Gabriel to Humanity

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