Why Manners Matter

A New Mindset for the Millennium

For some time, I like many of you have witnessed a lack of respect for one another and and an entitlement mind-set that is growing in our world. I am sure many of you have observed that manners, morals, integrity, and respect - along with core values- are missing in our current society and that there is a mind-set that this behavior is acceptable. Our need for instant gratification and the hunger to make money and gain status has overridden saying and doing what is proper at the expense of our own society and each other. This behavior has created quite a bit of havoc in our world, and it is not okay! The act of common courtesy has nearly slipped ways, not to mention respect for other human beings. There is a mindset that you can do whatever you want with no rules applied. We need to change the mind-set and concentrate on projecting a positive example for ourselves and our children. You can hear more about core values, respect, and more on my Podcast, High Road to Humanity with me, Nancy Yearout every  Wednesday at 11:00 CT live on toginet radio and on iTunes. 


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