Think Happy Thoughts

When you wake up in the morning what’s your first thought?

Is it a happy thought?

It’s interesting how our human minds work. Many of us wake up feeling happy- go -lucky, while some of us are often grumpy until we are fully awake. I believe you can reprogram the mind to think more joyous happy thoughts, but why should this be our focus? Do these thoughts that swirl around in our head have that much impact on our lives? The answer is Yes!

It’s the universal law that whatever energy you send out to the universe is returned to you. To understand the concept, you must understand how universal energy works.

Everything is energy, we are energy, our thoughts and feelings and words are energy. Everything has its own unique vibration. So, whatever you say or think, good or bad goes out into the universe and your requests are granted.

When you look at life in this way, you begin to realize what good vibrations mean. So now you see that the energy of your thoughts along with your words are creating your reality. This is how the universe is set up.

That’s why you will hear people say, change your words and thoughts and change your life!

Many times, this is done by using affirmations. If you are in a funk and you are having a difficult time getting out of it turn on the radio and sing!

The vibrations of upbeat music are joyful to the soul. Music is an easy and fabulous way to bring joy into your life. And you can bring in that joy quickly as you punch the button on the stereo. Another way to change your energy is to say positive affirmations. Affirmations do work because you are reprogramming your thoughts to be of a more positive nature.

We are these powerful souls in human bodies not realizing that if we use our natural power, we can create the life we desire. Manifestation is the movement of energy into another form by intention.

My hope is that we as the collective will learn how to use our natural abilities to focus our energy on creating the life we would desire. Unfortunately, we have not been taught thus far how to use our own energy to create our reality. Or made aware that this is fact. Now is the time that many people are waking up and realizing that we do have these abilities.

You can make a difference is by paying attention to your own word and thoughts and sending out good energy and words and thoughts to others. If each of us pitch in, we will make a difference. When you wake up in the morning say positive things like, “It’s a fabulous Day” or I feel grateful for the new day. Whatever feels comfortable for you. Make an effort to change your thoughts and your words to be happy. I believe that’s why Peter Pan could fly, happy thoughts!

Sending you good energy,

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