There’s Something About Autumn

I don’t know about you but I love the seasons. All four have something unique to offer us, however there is something about Autumn that warms my heart.

It’s amazing how the universe operates, you wake up one day and the leaves on the trees have changed to bright golds and brilliant shades of red and orange. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where you experience the four seasons you know what I am referring to when I say it’s a magical time of year.

It’s that period of time when the weather is not quite cold, yet you can sense a crispness in the air. A freshness, it’s a sure sign that Autumn has arrived.

Fall brings us the warm afternoons, and chilly evenings reminding us that winter is around the corner.

In my neighborhood you can smell the pion wood burning in fireplaces throughout the land to take the chill out of the air. You know fall is here when you begin to see the bright orange pumpkins dotting the fields with their curved green stems ready to be harvested. The excitement builds as we carve a new face on the round orange fruit, only to be placed on the front porch with a candle inside its lid. The pumpkins alert us that Halloween draws near.

Autumn is that one time of year when the kids get to dress up in costume and yell trick or treat as they run door to door to gather their goodies.

Throughout the globe people celebrate Autumn in various ways. In Mexico October 31st is known as the day of the dead. This is the day when deceased loved ones are celebrated. The people follow their ancestor’s tradition and honor their loved ones who have passed.

The Celtic people end their year with Samhain on October 31st, with the Celtic New Year beginning on November 1st.

The Druids, (the Celtic wise elders) developed a significant relationship with nature. They established a connection to the tress.

Sharlyn Hidslgo the author of Celtic Tree Ogham says

“The Celtic people followed a system of ritual and ceremony that honored nature, the trees and the movement of celestial bodies in their annual cycles.”

She goes on to say that “it became clear that the ancient teachings of the British Isles are all about human connection to nature’s mysticism.”

Trees hold much wisdom from years gone by and are beautiful designs of nature. Autumn really is their time to shine and show off their brilliant colors and bring joy to our hearts and soul.

Autumn is defined in the dictionary as “a time of full maturity.” My definition is a beautiful time of year to witness the beauty of nature in all her glory before old man winter comes to call.

Take some time this year to enjoy the colorful days of Autumn in all her glory.

Love Nancy

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