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The Princess Who Learned to Share

he Princess Who Learned to Share

This true story tells of a little four-year-old girl who has learned early on how to get what she wants. The story is told by the cousin of the little princess.

Jennifer was the first child to be born to a young couple in their late twenties. The little toddler was quite smart and awfully cute. She was loved and adored by both her parents and their families. The day her cousin came to visit, Miss Jennifer was wearing her princess dress and a tiara on her head. She danced around the house without a care in the world while the adults conversed over tea at the kitchen table. Suddenly Jennifer ran into the room yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! I want a piece of candy!”

“It’s in the jar on the countertop,” her mother said.

“I can’t reach it!” she yelled! Her mom told her to wait until after lunch and then she would give her a piece of candy. “No!” screamed the little girl. “I want it now or I won’t be your friend!” she said. “I won’t love you anymore!”

Her cousin was expecting Jennifer’s mother to get up and give her a swat on her back side, but instead the little girl’s mother began to cry. She told her four year old that she had hurt Mommy’s feelings. As she sobbed, she made her way to the candy jar and rewarded Jennifer with a piece of candy.

The cousin told me that she had never witnessed anything like this. The little girl was in charge. She was four years old and she knew exactly how to get her way! What happens when this manipulative behavior continues into her youth and then into her adult life? Will Jennifer strive to get what she wants at any cost? How will her children learn not to behave in this manner?

This story has a happy ending because of the circumstances that occurred over the next few years. Oftentimes life has a way of straightening people out, even when they don’t expect it to. Jennifer was not an only child for very long. Her mother gave birth to a son, and a few years later to a sister and then another brother and finally another sister. Jennifer was blessed with four siblings. There was no room for selfishness in the household, Jennifer learned to share. She shared her room, her toys, the computer, iPad, her clothes, and her time with the new arrivals. As each child was born, it softened the little girl’s “me” attitude a little bit each time a new sister or brother arrived. She grew into a wonderful young lady and a fabulous older sister with a heart full of love for her brothers and sister. Her role as the oldest sibling changed her life forever. Her cousin expressed to me how proud she was of her niece. She had blossomed into a wonderful caring adult who will share her lessons with others. She has broken the cycle for all her siblings. None of them are spoiled brats!

A New Mind-Set: When you tell an adult no, they may not like it, but they accept the answer. When you tell a child no, they don’t like it either, but this this is how they learn to accept that they may not always get what they want in life. When we say no to a younger person, we are teaching them the ability to delay gratification. Learning to delay gratification is important for a child’s future success, making it easier for them to function under stressful situations in life. Say no when it’s in another’s best interests. It’s called tough love!

Believe that when we instill good values and morals in our children that

we have made a difference in another’s life.

—Nancy Yearout

If we don’t shape our kids, they will be shaped by outside forces that

don’t care what shape our kids are in.

—Dr. Louise Hart

Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves

their children is careful to discipline them.

—Proverbs 13:24

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