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Spring Will Bring You Joy

March has arrived and with it comes the season of Spring. This is the perfect time of year to design your garden. Whether large or small in your yard or on your window ledge, you will need to decide what you would like to grow this year. Is it herbs, vegetables, fruits or all three?

You may look back and think about what has worked well in years gone by or you may be opened to grow something new and exciting to harvest!

Many gardeners will begin with seedlings.

Planting seeds in small square holes of dirt to be transplanted after maturity. It’s a tedious process but well worth the time.

I used to watch my father as he methodically labeled all the seedlings that were planted in rows and covered with pselaphine wrapping for warmth and protection. The patience that it takes, slows your breathing relaxes the mind and is therapeutic to the body and our soul.

I have come to discover the rewards of gardening and the meaning of the phrase “You reap what your sow.”

When you spend time planting good seeds, nurturing them and giving them love and care they will prosper and deliver delicious vegetables, herbs and fruits with a distinctive homegrown taste!

Surprisingly, our life seems to work in a similar pattern. Although we choose where to go and what to do in the world, imprinting our energetic uniqueness on what brings us happiness, prosperity, notoriety and pleasure is our free will.

We are energetic creators planting our own seeds as we go through our life, many times without intention.

If you are fortunate as you travel down your path on your journey you will discover this simple truth, energy flows where your attention goes.

But what if your intention is joy? What if you choose to create what brings you joy?

Imagine if you put a plan together of what you wanted to grow in your personal life or in your business that brought you joy?

What if you planted specific seeds to accomplish those goals and watered them and tended to them as they matured? imagine what you could grow! And what if you did this every Spring? Wouldn’t Spring be a joyful time each year!

A new gardening project for each Spring Season to promote new ideas, new fruits to be tasted a new excitement and appreciativeness to be alive! Spring is the perfect time to begin anew.

May this Spring bring you love and laughter and most of all JOY!



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