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Spring Is In The Air, Can You Feel It?

Even though the cold winds may still be blowing as March arrives, you can feel a hint of Spring time all around you. There’s a smell of newness in the air. This is a magical time of year when everything comes to life again after a cold dark winter nap. Hibernation for the animal kingdom is complete, bringing new birth as they awaken.

When you walk outside the trees are beginning to bud and the tulips are peaking their tiny heads up to see the sunshine. There are bits of green color popping up among the brown terrain that gives us a sign that new beginnings have arrived.

Spring is the perfect time of year for a fresh start. This is the time to plant new seeds and watch them grow! These can be seeds of love, business or enlightenment but it’s the perfect time to get started on your garden.

When we begin a new project or take on a new way of thinking the newness can be difficult. Most of us are comfortable with where we are, and change can be uncomfortable for some of us. But new is good. Life can often become routine and dull and its up to us to change it up!

Now is the time to renew our souls, as the flowers and the trees are renewed in the Springtime. Maybe God set it up this way so that we would renew ourselves every year by shedding the old skin and growing a new one. The longer you live the more you begin to realize that we are all here to learn life lessons, and if you weren’t aware of this fact it may ease your mind.

None of us are perfect people. We may strive for greatness and perfection but when reaching new heights realize we are only human. We all make mistakes along our journey, but with these bumps in the road we gain important knowledge. We take this wisdom with us down our path in life and share our experiences with others so that they may grow too.

We are like plants in a garden, as they all grow at their own pace. You may plant your seeds at the same time as another person, but some grow taller quicker or bloom sooner or later than others. We are all unique souls and special in our own way. We are the seeds that are growing with each season. We peek our heads out into the world and blossom as we grow stronger and more enlightened. At the end of life, we just as flowers wither and die but are never gone. Our seed is our spirit that will rise again as our soul never dies, it just renews itself with light and Love like the flowers and the trees in Springtime.

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