Out with the New and In with the Old

Times have changed when you are looking back and wishing you could turn back time to a period when manners were used and respect for each other went without saying. When a handshake sealed the deal.

Remember a time when we could go to a concert, a baseball game or to the mall and see smiling faces. It is not just the recent pandemic that has changed society and the way we interact with each other; we have lost our sense of compassion for each other.

We need to get some of the old school values, back. Humanity has got to do a one eighty and go back to the values of years gone by. We must remind ourselves of how our grandparents lived and what they stood for. How hard they worked to give the next generation a better life here on earth.

Over time we have lost our compassion and value for human life. Our lives are so precious, and it is such a blessing to be able to live out our dreams on this beautiful planet. But many have forgotten this or not recognized the good and the positive that comes from kindness and love.

As we begin this new year let’s begin with change. Change how we interact with each other. We have a choice; we can judge another, or we can love them for who they are. We can be kind to each other, or we can be cruel. It your choice.

Truth be told, if more of us choose to be the example to live with integrity, values and honesty and compassion for our fellow man/woman we can be the shining lights! Be the example for your family or at your place of employment. You be the example by always having integrity and honesty and non-judgment of others. I believe we have a chance if we stand up for what we know in our hearts and souls is right for humanity.

Its all-bout Love in 2022. This approach may sound corny, but love and the energy of love solves everything. We are at a tipping point on our planet, and I believe if we all give a little of ourselves to make that extra effort to hold the old school values in place and to teach our children and grandchildren to be honest, to have integrity, to love each other and be kind we will ascend in no time.

Happy 2022

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