Open the Door to the Enchanted Realm of Faeries

Do you believe in faeries?

Cultures of old and new consider them to be supernatural beings who are connected to the energy of the planet, nature and the stars. Faery’s have been recognized throughout the world in China, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Africa, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and in our own back yards here in the United States.

More and more families are building faery gardens and creating faery trees which is a fabulous way to create something beautiful and share some magic in the world! This way each person can contribute their unique little sparkle to the faery tree. Trees have enormous energy, so it makes sense that the faeries would welcome some TLC and attention from people who find joy in leaving little trinkets and treats for those in the faery realm.

Faeries are all around us but can only exist in a place where people believe in magic. It is very important that the faery gardens and or the faery tree that you create be taken very seriously. The faeries are said to have a strong moral code that they live by. They are very polite, and they expect us to reciprocate. They are also known to be kind but will use their magic against us if we lie to them or cross them.

“Faeries become one with the purest energy and spirit of creation and travel through the gates between the material world bringing ancient knowledge with them.” Says Author of Living the Faery Life, Kac Young. In her writings she talks about the foods they like, the flowers they are fond of and more. There are many faery books out today that can assist you in learning more about them. There are many different kinds of faeries, some live in the upper world and fly some in the middle world where we live and some live in the lower world, underground.

As Summertime approaches, and the days grow warmer we find ourselves outside in our gardens planting flowers and seeds to create beauty in our lives as everything is alive and vibrant. This is the perfect time to set up your faery garden. What I have learned by reading and interviewing experts on the subject, is that one of the most important things to do in creating your faery garden is to gather 12 stones and to create a circle for the faeries to dance. Apparently, they love to dance and sing and the stone circle you create will make them happy!

The Faeries will need a gate for them to enter and exit through, A Faery Door. The faery door can be handmade or if you search online you will find many awesome faery doors that you can put in the garden and will add to the character to your space. You can add little chairs and tables, and they like shiny trinkets. You can place little plates in the garden with treats for them. This is delightful for them to receive. Some people leave notes for them and have been received messages back!

The treats can be milk or honey in a thimble or fresh fruit and nuts. Anything you leave for them they will greatly appreciate. It is said that when you befriend the faeries, they protect your home against harm and use their magic to assist us when needed. I have ordered my faery door and am searching for my thimble to set in the garden.

Spread the Magic….


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