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From Your Hands to Their Heart

As the Holidays approach the question arises, what gift do I give to my loved ones this year? What can I give them that will be remembered in their hearts for years to come?

The answer occurred to me that the gifts that have meant the most to me and have withstood the test of time are the handmade ones. The gifts that came from the heart.

Its the ornament that someone took the time to create with their hands just for my tree or the handprint of a child imprinted in plaster of paris sprayed with gold paint. These are a few of my favorite things.

I have learned over time that it is the little things that we make with our hands and the gifts that come from our hearts that are treasured the most.

When you take the time to bake cookies, candy and treats for the Holidays people remember. It’s the time and effort that you take and the love you pour into the baking that creates the magic. I mean have you ever been given a fruit cake and thought what? The time that goes into making a real fruit cake is months in preparation. My grandma would start early with the process and pour rum on the cake wrapped in cheese cloth. These are memories that you just don’t forget. The old-fashioned Christmas traditions that are held dear in our hearts.

As the world seems to spin out of control there are a few traditions that we can carry on to the next generation to keep our world steadfast. Such as the reading of the night before Christmas to the children before bed and hanging the stockings with care. Some traditions never die like caroling throughout your neighborhood to bring the joy of song to those who may not be able to get out this holiday season. You are giving a little bit of Christmas spirit to the world with song by using your voice to uplift others. These are a few simple gifts that come from the heart that will make a difference in another’s life. This is the one time of year when we should stop and take the time to do something special for others. It’s the perfect time to visit an elderly relative or to call them and say hello, I love you and I remembered you this holiday season.

Love is the cure for all the world’s problems, and I am hopeful that this holiday season that if we each take the time to do something with our hands to create love, we will make a difference.

Make something beautiful for another person that comes from your heart. Paint them a picture, create a wreath for their door, a homemade card will do just fine. No gift purchased can be as precious as the one from your hands to their heart.

Happy Holidays from my heart.

Love Nancy

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