Finding Peace and Connection with Gaia in The Last Days of Summer

How Summertime makes us smile with the birds singing and the buzzing of bees heard so clearly in the warm summers breeze.

What a magical time of year we are experiencing right now, as the final days of Summer have arrived. We take that last fun trip to the beach to soak up the sun and walk upon the warm wet sand and plunge into the cool waters.

Many of us jump in our cars or on our bikes and head out to the countryside. This is a special time of year to see the green stalks of sweet corn swaying in the fields as its almost time for the harvest. This is the time of year when the beans and alfalfa are almost ready for picking.

Some people see the cotton exposing its white fluff and know the last days of summer have arrived. For some of us, it’s the sight of pumpkins and gourds still green on the vines that let us know summer is coming to an end.

This is the season when local farmers display their freshly picked lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, squash and corn with all their bright colors for our choosing. All at once the harvest appears in the markets and the bounty is displayed on roadside stands that seem to pop up out of know where along our highways.

There is nothing quite like this time of year when the mornings are cooler, the flowers and trees are in full bloom and the hummingbirds are in joyful flight.

Mother nature provides her abundant gifts to us as we enjoy her happy earth energy on a late summer’s day.

Mother earth does a nice job of providing summertime fun for us as we walk on her sandy beaches, raft her flowing rivers and enjoy her blue summer skies.

More and more people are realizing the importance of the connection we have with nature and the healing energy that our mother earth provides to humanity. Many call the earth Gaia and believe she is the spiritual embodiment of the earth. She is alive!

It is apparent that a new curiosity about Gaia has come to light as we search for the true treasures of life. She represents the loving nurturing intelligence that oversees life on earth, just as a mother would do. She provides the balance for the tree, plants, animals and humanity. By moving into alignment with her we can become more harmonious and balanced ourselves.

Connecting with nature as often as you can assists in the balance of your own energy fields naturally and will rejuvenate your heart and soul.

Clinical studies have proven that the more time we spend in nature significantly reduces our stress hormones and activates healing DNA repairing our bodies. The best thing we can do for our mind, body and souls is to go outside and chill. And the most important practice for humanity is to be grateful for what the earth provides. Remember to thank Mother Earth for the food she supplies, the water we drink, the soil and sand we walk upon, the trees that shade us the grass beneath our feet and metals and raw materials we take from her to build our homes and cities, heat them and cool them and keep us comfortable. Acknowledge her gifts and give thanks to our earth for she is a conscious living energy who sustains our lives and give to us freely as we are her children.

Love Nancy

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