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Changing the Concept of Time

Remember when you were a kid and time seemed to pass by so slowly. The days were long, and it seemed to take forever for summer vacation to arrive and it felt like an eternity for your birthday or the holidays to roll around.

It was ridiculous how long the years stretched while attending Elementary and even Middle School.

Do you recall the anticipation and pure agony of waiting for the time to pass for you to grow old enough to drive, have a boyfriend/girlfriend, go out on a date or catch a movie with a friend?

But then the time comes when you enter your High School years, and time begins to speed up! Before you know it, you’re in college and the time just flies by, almost too quickly and your thrown into the real world. Do you remember?

As adults we have been told that timing is everything and I believe that this concept is true. Being at the Right place at the right time is key. All of us have experienced this phenomenon.

There are many stories of how people’s lives were changed when they were at the right place at the right time. You may have experienced this in your own life by arriving at the perfect time to meet your mate or to buy the winning ticket!

It is amazing how many synchronicities occur in our lives as we look back and see how our story unfolded up to this point with precision timing.

When you’re in sync with the universe and the energy that the space holds, your timing can become even more synchronized.

As we connect to the Source, God, a Higher Power (whatever you call it) we begin to connect to the flow of the universal divine timing and life smooths out for us and the road is not so bumpy.

Its s funny how society had conditioned us to hurry up and get it done or go quicker to win the race, but what I have learned is that is not the path to a happy fulfilling life.

When you slow down and get into the flow of the universe you don’t watch the clock as much.

It’s amazing what happens when you choose to connect to the universal forces. Life propels you to do the work that is in your heart and soul, the work that you love. Do you desire to write, teach, paint, dance or sing?

When you choose to do the work that is in your heart it will change your life and for the better. Do not be afraid, just go for it! What are you waiting for? The right timing?

There is much joy and fulfillment when you are doing what you love. When you are living your life’s purpose, time seems to melt away.

As we use our creative energy, it changes the concept of time!

When you are living your life purpose you are connecting to the universal forces that be and love, joy and prosperity will flow naturally to you in no time as all.

It is very important that I mention to you to do all the things that your heart desires now! As we all have an expiration date, and who knows when your time is up?

Love Nancy

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