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A New Mindset for The Millennium

The best way for me to describe the new mind-set would be the movie Avatar. Jake Sully portrays a man who feels alone in a “me” society until he becomes an avatar. He connects first with the Na’vi people and then with the energy flow of nature, realizing that the forest is alive with energy and light. He learns from the Na’vi people that the trees are a network communicating their ancestors’ lessons, and the people can connect to this source of information. The trees hold their life source energy and their knowledge. But before any of this can happen, Sully first had to come into his own personal power and let go of the ego, realizing that we are all connected energetically. The solution is to find the power that lies within yourself; don’t be afraid as it’s fear that holds us back.

Find the power that lies within you. We hold the power within us to unite with ourselves, others, and our God source. You cannot blame other people for your situation. Everything that you are living right now—today—is of your own creation. You have the power and the knowledge to create whatever you want in your life by your words and your thoughts.

There is a higher power available if you choose to connect to the energy source. When you change your thinking, you will change your life. You move forward in life and things get better for you. Remember that every one of us has a piece of our creator within us as we are made in his image.

Many people have chosen not to be connected and that’s their choice. When you come into your power and make these changes, there may be people in your life who don’t like your new views. These people will shift out of your life and new people will shift in. This happens when you change your mind-set.

To find true peace within yourself, connect with each other and to the God source. When you are fulfilled within, you won’t desire material things to make you happy. Your connection will be with nature and with people. This is where the true inner happiness and fulfillment lie. You can be balanced and be your unique self and still connect with other people.

Everything is good in moderation. The pendulum has swung too far one way and now we are less connected than ever. Social media and now Covid-19 has changed our physical interaction with each other and we must change it back. We must connect to each other, for as humans we need each other’s love and companionship to thrive.

Imagine your current mind-set as a computer program that does not serve you well any longer, so we find a new program that works! We must download a new program, a new mind-set. Each one of us influences the collective mind-set. By each of us changing our own way of thinking, a more positive collective energy is created. As your energy shifts, the dynamic of others will shift as well; you are helping everyone else, too.

We are all creators with the ability to change the current entitlement mind-set. We as a collective can shift the mind-set for ourselves and for the generations who will follow. This new mind-set will shift the energy here on our earth and create a more spiritual place for all of us. We can create a world full of understanding and love for each other along with self-forgiveness and self-love. The more positive energy each person puts out to the world makes a difference to all of us, as we are all connected. The following accord will give you guidelines to change your mind-set:

The New Mind-Set Accord

Be kind and considerate of others, and your kindness and consideration will be returned to you.

Be grateful for what you have. Give thanks, don’t think about what you don’t have, as this creates lack.

Share your wisdom with others, be a mentor. Your life experiences carry more weight than gold.

Your guidance and wisdom are more important than material things, please guide others with your knowledge. Your true-life experiences are invaluable.

Respect yourself and each other. Respect the elderly, for they have been through more than you in their lifetime and hold much wisdom for the youth of today. Respect authority, you want the police or fire department to show up at your house if you need them. Respect our military and our leaders as we must support them and their service to our country.

Love yourself enough to say no when it’s not in your best interest. Tell your kids no when you should—it’s called being a parent!

Give and receive unconditional love. When you give love freely, it will be returned to you freely.

Pay attention to what the universe is showing you. Pay attention to the signs and recognize the lessons that are presented to you every day. Recognize them as blessings and learn from them.

Begin to have faith in a higher power. Be faithful with your thoughts and your words, as they have power and create your reality. What you think about and speak about every day is who you become and what your life will be. You are the painter of your own picture.

Plant seeds of goodness, honesty, and sincerity every day and watch them grow.

Be humble. Humble yourself and put others first. It’s not all about you!

Help others unselfishly. Give to others, but do not boast about your good deeds.

Have integrity. Love yourself enough to do and say the right thing.

Don’t forget to ask for what you want in prayer or by using affirmations. Have regular conversations with God/Spirit and establish a relationship with our creator.

Forgive others as forgiveness is freeing to your soul. When you forgive, you’re freeing yourself. You will be forgiven when you forgive others.

We have free will to choose. Choose carefully as your choices shape many lives.

Say positive things about yourself and others. Think positive thoughts. Love yourself and know that God/Spirit loves you unconditionally, as a father loves his children.

Form a relationship before you become intimate with another person. Go on ten dates before you commit. If you’re in an unhealthy relationship get out! Save yourself!

Don’t be judgmental of another person or their situation. You never know their story.

There is unconditional love, and there is Ego love. Ego love has conditions, Spiritual love is authentic with no conditions. Love Spiritually. Love all people and animals unconditionally.

In conclusion, we are here for only a short period of time and then we return home, as we all have an expiration date. When our bodies wear out, our spirit lives on and moves on to another place. Do your best to help others while you’re here on earth, learn what you can, and your next journey will be smoother.


Help raise the vibration on our planet—Think Love!

—Nancy Yearout

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